Ishavet: Guidelines To Buy Fish

You’ve probably heard of Ishavet, the online marketplace for buying and selling fish. It’s known as an authority on fish trading in Israel—including barramundi, catfish, carp, eel, and more. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the top considerations when buying fish from Ishavet. 


Ishavet – An Introduction


Israel is home to many different varieties of fish. This makes Ishavet an excellent site for finding just the right fish for your aquarium. The online marketplace is one of the only places where you can easily buy and sell fish in Israel, and it’s not just for professionals either. 


The site is well known for being easy to navigate and navigate to find affordable fish that are available at a moment’s notice, with listings that are transparent and verified by Ishavet. I


Fish Description And Care


Not all fish are created equal. Some have delicate and finicky needs, while others are more robust. On Ishavet, you can find a wide variety of fish to meet your needs. Not sure what type of fish will be best for your aquarium? Check out the descriptions on Ishavet to get more information about each type of fish listed. 


It’s important to know which type of food is best for a specific species to ensure that your fish are thriving and healthy. The care most often associated with aquarium fishes is water quality, temperature, and diet. These factors affect how long a particular species will live in captivity and how their behavior changes over time


How To Buy Fish From Ishavet


There are three steps to buying fish from Ishavet: 


  1. You’ll need to register for an account 


  1. You’ll need a bank account in Israel 


  1. You’ll then need to negotiate the price with a seller Once you have these three things, it’s easy to buy fish on Ishavet. It only takes about two days for your fish order to arrive at your door. 


Trade-Only Or SALE?


When you want to buy fish from Ishavet, you’ll first want to decide whether you’re going to trade or sell the fish. There are pros and cons for both trading and selling fish on Ishavet, but it all depends on what type of experience you’d like your buyer to have. If you have an abundant amount of fish that needs to be sold, trading is a great option. 


You can offer a different variety of fish in return for other types of live seafood. If you don’t care about the quality of your stock or if it would be difficult for you to get back the money spent on live seafood, then selling is a good option. 


Find A Fish You Like And Click The Buy Button


When you first visit Ishavet, you’ll need to decide what type of fish you’re interested in buying. You can search based on names, price, or size. If you find a fish that catches your eye, click the “buy now” button in the top right corner of the product page. 


The next step is to choose your payment method and add some products to your cart. Once everything has been added and saved, check out by selecting “check-out now” at the bottom of each page. Once you complete checkout, Ishavet will send an email with instructions for transferring your money from a bank account.